Joe Biden To Remove Terror Designation Of Evil Group

( – President Joe Biden has spent a great deal of his very long political career talking about inclusivity and equality. He claims that he wants to keep everyone safe, especially minority groups. But he’s not applying this standard to his foreign policy.

The Biden administration announced on February 5, that it’s no longer going to designate Yemen’s Houthi movement as a terrorist organization. The group is backed by Iran and it’s slogan calls for death to Jews and Americans. Not a very inclusive group, we’d say.

Just two days after the Houthi rebels were taken off the terrorism list, they launched attacks in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Now the Biden State Department is saying it’s “deeply troubled” and called on the group to stop.

Biden’s decision comes in spite of opposition from other world leaders. Yemen Foreign Minister Ahmed A. BinMubarak has been speaking out against the possible move for weeks.

Perhaps Biden should have listened to the people on the ground in Yemen. Now, he looks weak, and soft on terrorism. And the Yemini foreign minister believes the decision will allow Iran to expand it’s “destabilizing influence.” This is exactly what former President Donald Trump warned would happen. It’s a shame millions ignored him.

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