Joe Biden Tragically Revokes Trump’s Patriotic Education Order

( – The Democratic Party seems intent on teaching school children that Americans are innately evil and racist. Former President Donald Trump tried to put an end to that with his 1776 Commission. Unfortunately, President Joe Biden has now rolled back his predecessor’s patriotic executive order.

One of Biden’s executive orders on January 20th disbanded Trump’s 1776 Commission.

The former president’s order reaffirmed America’s founding values. It sought to teach children the importance of life, liberty, and freedom. It didn’t ignore the country’s blemishes, but instead wanted to show students that America recognizes its mistakes when something goes wrong and moves forward to form a more perfect union.

Children should learn about what makes the country great. They should be proud of where they come from and receive a proper education at school. Biden’s decision does a great disservice to America’s children.

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