Joe Biden’s Past Shows His Contribution to Racism

( – President Joe Biden tried to comfort Americans and decrease racial tensions in the wake of the conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin on April 20. Biden addressed the nation later that evening, vowing to push through reforms to reduce tensions between the black community and the police.

However, Biden has been a fixture in Washington DC for decades, and his position on racial issues hasn’t always appeared to be friendly, to say the least. During the 2020 Democratic debates, he got called out by then-Senator Kamala Harris for his civil rights record as a Senator.

New York Post White House correspondent Steve Nelson recently put press secretary Jen Psaki in the hot seat over Biden’s past role in systemic racism in America.

Nelson’s Grim Reminder of Biden’s Racist Policies

Nelson reminded Psaki of Biden’s role in racist policies during the April 31 White House press briefing. He began noting that Biden was behind several federal laws that “disproportionately jailed black people” in the 1980s and 1990s.

He also noted that black professor and activist Cornell West already called out Biden for the “contribution he made” to systemic racism.

Nelson continued his questioning by asking “to what extent” Biden is willing to “take responsibility and acknowledge” his contribution to systemic racism in America at the direction of the government.

After tap dancing around the question, Psaki suggested the American people look at Biden’s recent actions, not those from 30 years ago. Nelson followed up, asking whether the president thought it was important to accept his past role, but Psaki dodged the question.

How in the world does the Biden administration expect to lead a shattered country in the wake of nearly a year of racial unrest if it cannot own up to America’s past? Patriots deserve an answer to this and other important questions.

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