Joe Biden’s Top Official Causing Controversy Over Private Holdings

Washington, USA 11 30 2020

( – It’s been said that where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and there appears to be a bonfire blazing around Joe Biden when it comes to Asian businesses. His son, Hunter Biden, and one of his brothers reportedly profited from his position as vice president while conducting shady business deals in communist-led China.

As it turns out, Biden administration entanglements with the region may extend beyond his family. Kurt Campbell, his newly-appointed Asia Czar, is the founder and owner of Asia Group, a lobbying firm that provides strategic services and advice to companies doing business in Asia.

Of particular note is the group’s work advising companies interested in investing in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative,” a massive infrastructure investment program in global economies in Asia and beyond.

According to experts, Campbell’s role in a project profiting from doling out investment advice in Asia could present numerous conflicts of interest.

As Reliable News recently reported, former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinsk recently told Fox News he believed China compromised Joe Biden and his family. Perhaps that explains Campbell’s appointment — maybe not. But where there’s smoke…

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