Joe Manchin, Lone Wolf in Democrat Party, Against Vaccination Mandates

Joe Manchin, Lone Wolf in Democrat Party, Against Vaccination Mandates

( – Last week, there was a battle on Capitol Hill over President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. GOP lawmakers wanted funding stripped for the president’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) initiative to force large companies to mandate vaccines. Ultimately, Republicans failed to get the concessions they wanted and passed a short-term government funding bill to avoid a shutdown. However, the lawmakers aren’t giving up; they could finally have the upper hand with support from a key Democrat.

Senator Peter Braun (R-IN) is leading a challenge to the vaccine mandate by using the Congressional Review Act. The law gives Congress the power to pass a resolution through each chamber that opposes an executive branch regulation. Senator Joe Manchin (D-VA) has signaled he might vote with Republicans.

On December 2, Manchin said he doesn’t support any vaccine mandate forced on private businesses by the federal government.

Manchin standing in opposition to his party is nothing new. The West Virginia Senator has survived as long as he has in the conservative state because he refuses to toe the Democrat party line. He is also one of the loudest voices in the Senate pushing back against Biden’s massive human infrastructure bill.

If the Senator votes with Republicans to stop the vaccine mandates, the resolution would still have to pass the House. It’s unclear whether there are enough votes to make that happen but if it does, lawmakers would essentially void the mandate — dealing a major blow to Biden and his administration.

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