John Kerry Delivers Shocking Message to Oil Companies

( – Noted Democrat John Kerry has held a variety of government positions over the years. He served several terms as the US Senator for Massachusetts and as Secretary of State for Barack Obama during his second term in office. Following his own footsteps, he began serving as the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate on Biden’s first day in office.

Kerry had some tough talk for the heads of the nation’s big oil and gas companies during the CERAWeek energy conference on March 2. He also had a stark warning: either embrace clean energy or get left on the side of the road.

You will end up “on the wrong side of this battle,” he warned attendees. Pushing the use of carbon-free hydrogen, he urged oil and gas executives to use their existing infrastructures to develop alternatives to fossil fuels. He acknowledged the strong resistance to the change but said that’s an attitude the nation “can’t afford anymore.”

The transition to clean energy may look good on paper, for whatever that’s worth. However, it would have a devastating impact on the nation’s economy and jobs.

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