John Kerry Implicated In Hunter Biden Scandal

( – Joe Biden’s presidential campaign continues collapsing under the weight of new accusations regarding his family’s overseas business deals. The accusations’ scope expands almost daily with the latest revelation implicating former Democratic Secretary of State John Kerry.

Recently revealed documents allegedly detail corruption involving a Biden-led joint Chinese venture (BHR) engaged in producing Chinese fighter jets. Those documents reportedly show a connection to the acquisition of a Michigan-based company, Henniges Automotive, by a Chinese company.

Henniges Automotive aided the development of the F-35 Fighter. Aviation Industry Corp of China purchased the company in 2015 to help develop its J-20 fighter. That purchase required approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

John Kerry served on that committee in his role as Secretary of State. Documents suggest BHR channeled money to a business entity controlled by John Kerry’s daughter a month before the committee reviewed the purchase. It remains unclear whether that money served as a bribe.

However, the allegations add to the growing body of evidence of potential corruption by the Bidens. With so much smoke surrounding the Biden family, it appears increasingly unlikely there isn’t an underlying fire.

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