Jon Stewart Under Fire After Criticizing Biden

( – Comedian Jon Stewart began hosting “The Daily Show” in 1999, continuing on the program for the next 16 years before leaving the spot in 2015. During his tenure, Stewart worked on several other projects, hosted several events, broadcasted shows, directed films, and wrote books. When he left “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah filled his comedic spot, and while he was popular, he decided to leave the position in December 2022. Much to the audience’s delight, Stewart decided to return, but some people were less than enthusiastic after his first night on air.

What Happened?

On February 13, Breitbart reported that Stewart started his set by talking about Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden and his handling of classified documents. The comedian played a clip of a narrator reading parts of the report, specifically addressing the president’s age and controversial jabs at his memory. The show then panned to Stewart, who said in a joking manner, “Where did I park those documents?” He quickly segued into talking about how it must have been hard to watch a president struggle to remember basic facts while queuing up a montage of former President Donald Trump (R) saying he didn’t remember things. Stewart said that was the wrong footage and started running videos of Trump’s children stating they couldn’t recall various bits of information.

After a few laughs, Stewart ran footage of Biden’s press conference where he responded to the report, poking fun at him for a misspeak when he returned to the podium. The bit upset some viewers who were looking forward to the comedian’s return to “The Daily Show.” They took to social media to verbalize their disappointment.

What Did They Say?

One commenter called Stewart’s “comeback” “seriously disappointing,” while another said it simply wasn’t funny. Although the point of the show is comedy, some watchers didn’t seem to get it. One person on social media said the bit complaining about the ages of the two likely candidates for president in 2024 “minimizes the stakes” of the election. However, Stewart’s job on “The Daily Show” isn’t to relay the seriousness of the situation; it is quite literally the opposite — to get a laugh or two.

According to TV Insider, some people were happy to see Stewart back behind the desk of the satirical comedy show, while others were upset, accusing him of “playing both sides.” One viewer called his return “pecan pie for the soul” and a “joy,” while others indicated he should take another hiatus.

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