Josh Hawley Says Impeachment Waste Of Time

( – The efforts to distribute COVID-19 vaccines are breaking down. American business owners and workers desperately await another economic relief package. So, Democrats have prioritized holding another impeachment trial for Donald Trump — this time nearly a month after he left office.

Making matters worse, there’s about a zero-percent chance of Democrats getting an impeachment with 50 Republican senators serving as jury members, 44 of them voting to declare the effort unconstitutional on February 9.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) told reporters he wouldn’t vote to convict Trump since he left office weeks ago, and he doesn’t see many Republicans breaking ranks. The Democrats know they are spinning their wheels, he added, concluding the whole thing is a “terrible waste” of everyone’s time and energy.

The bottom line, Democrats would need 17 Republican senators to vote with them to convict Trump, providing none of their ranks side with Republicans and vote to acquit. As the senator pointed out, the chances of that happening are next to nil.

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