Judge Orders New Jersey Election Redone After Fraud Discovery

Judge Orders New Jersey Election Redone After Fraud Discovery

(ReliableNews.org) – President Donald Trump and the Republican Party have been warning the American people about what’ll likely happen if universal mail-in voting becomes the norm. Without anyone there to witness people filling out their ballots and unsecured mailing, it could lead to widespread fraud. On August 19, a city in New Jersey got a taste of just that.

Fraud, Fraud, and More Fraud

On Wednesday, NJ Judge Ernest Caposela ruled Paterson’s Third Ward city council election invalid after widespread fraud was discovered. The justice issued his ruling, saying the election was “rife with mail-in vote procedural violations.” Four people, including a councilman-elect and councilman, were charged criminally for their conduct involving mail-in ballots.

During an interview with CNN, Mayor Andre Sayegh said Caposela issued the “right ruling,” and stated the city plans to comply with the decision.

Trump Sues New Jersey

The judge’s ruling came one day after the Republican National Committee (RNC), New Jersey GOP, and Trump Campaign sued Governor Phil Murphy over an executive order he recently issued. The NJ governor’s directive requires officials to send mail-in ballots to every registered voter.

The president’s campaign slammed the executive order, calling it a “brazen power grab.”

Trump and the Republican Party believe the Democratic Party is trying to undermine the election with mail-in voting in an attempt to steal it. Although there’s no direct evidence to support that claim, the Paterson case proves how dangerous this alternate way to cast a ballot can be.

If the citizens can’t trust that their vote will be counted accurately, that undermines our democracy which is built on trust. This country was founded on the idea of a government for the people, by the people, but if the people think the powerful are stealing their vote, the great US experiment is dead.

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