Judge Puts a Stop to Government Overreach

(ReliableNews.org) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has been fighting hard against federal overreach in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sunshine State was one of the few that didn’t allow long-term lockdowns to destroy their businesses. That’s not to say some business owners weren’t hurt, but by and large the state came out of the pandemic pretty well.

The reason for that is the governor. He listened to former President Donald Trump when he said the country could not make the cure worse than the problem, meaning states should not destroy their economies while trying to protect themselves from COVID. Taking that to heart, DeSantis set about protecting industries in Florida.

One of the industries that he had to protect from President Joe Biden is cruise ship lines. DeSantis was trying to prevent ships from being restricted for months longer than necessary. He won that fight and cruise ships are back in business. Now, a court has handed him another win.

Cruise Ship Fight

On Wednesday, July 7, Florida District Judge Steven Merryday ruled against the CDC again. The federal health agency was seeking to maintain it’s COVID-19 restrictions on Florida cruise ships after Merryday sided with Florida. The government was appealing the case to the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals and asked the district judge to issue a stay of his ruling while they battled it out in a higher court. He refused to do so.

The battle comes weeks after Merryday’s June 18 ruling issuing an injunction against the CDC’s restrictions on the cruise industry. At the time, he told the government that it was essentially ignoring health experts in both the state and cruise industry that have said they can limit the spread of the virus on ships. He ruled that the CDC’s order was an “unwarranted and unprecedented exercise of governmental power” and accused the agency of misusing its power.

The DOJ is now arguing that Merryday is going to make the spread of COVID-19 worse. The agency claimed that the judge had no right to ignore the view by the “expert public health agency” in order to “substitute its view” in the situation.

So what does this mean for Florida? Basically, the cruise industry will be allowed to operate normally. The appeal will wind its way through court and probably be moot by the time the appeals court hears the case. In other words, DeSantis won again.

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