Judge Refuses to Move Ethan Crumbley to Youth Facility

Judge Refuses to Move Ethan Crumbley to Youth Facility

(ReliableNews.org) – On November 30, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley allegedly shot four students to death at his Michigan high school and injured seven others. He’s been incarcerated since the crime took place. His lawyers want to move him to a different facility, but the judge has refused.

On Monday, December 13, Attorney Paulette Michel Loftin, who is representing Crumbley, asked Judge Nancy Carniak to move the teenager to a juvenile facility. She argued he can hear adults in nearby cells at the county jail, a violation of the federal statute that states juveniles in adult facilities can’t be within sound or sight of them. The attorney claimed he isn’t a threat to youth and said he should be in the Children’s Village facility so he can continue his education.

The prosecution objected to the request, pointing out that he allegedly committed a premeditated mass murder against juveniles, yet his attorney said his client would not be a threat to this age group. Judge Carniak agreed with the prosecution.

The judge said Crumbley, who has been charged as an adult, should remain in the county jail until the outcome of the trial. She concluded he could be a threat to other people his age, therefore it’s appropriate to keep him where he’s currently being held.

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