Judge Silences DA Fani Willis’ Lawyer in Divorce Case

(ReliableNews.org) – Michael Roman, a defendant in the Georgia election case, has accused Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis of having an affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. The latter is currently going through a contentious divorce, and his wife’s attorney wanted to depose the DA. A judge has put the breaks on that demand, but not before silencing Willis’ attorney during a hearing on the matter.

On January 22, a hearing was held before Judge Henry Thompson in Cobb County Superior Court to discuss the deposition of Willis which was scheduled for the next day. During the hearing, the DA’s attorney, Cinque Axam, argued his client is too busy overseeing more than 20,000 cases and 360 lawyers to sit for the deposition. The attorney mentioned the “most recognizable” of her cases is the one involving former President Donald Trump and alleged election interference.

Fox News reported that Judge Thompson cut Axam off and told him that he should narrow his argument to the part of the law that deals with whether Willis “lacks unique personal knowledge of any matter that’s relevant.” The judge went on to ask the attorney to clarify whether his client lacks that “knowledge that could not be discovered in some other way.”

Axam told the judge that the case had been going on for more than two years and that Wade’s wife had only recently sought to depose the DA. In fact, the subpoena came the same day an attorney for Roman accused Willis and Wade of having an affair. Mrs. Wade’s attorney filed papers showing her husband has traveled to multiple places since filing for divorce, and some of those trips were reportedly taken with Willis.

Judge Thompson agreed with Axam and paused Willis’ deposition until after he could speak to Wade. He said he can’t make a final decision until he speaks with the special prosecutor and hears what he has to say.

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