Judge To Hear Important Twitter Censorship Case

(ReliableNews.org) – There’s been a lot of recent talk about revoking protections for online tech companies like Twitter. Donald Trump signed an executive order to prevent online censorship by limiting the use of Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. Joe Biden quietly revoked that order on May 14. However, a new court case could pave the way towards limiting the use of Section 230 protections which provide immunity from civil liabilities for information that service providers remove or restrict content from their services.

Federal District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf ordered a motion hearing for Thursday, May 20, in a lawsuit alleging that big tech companies operate as agents of the government. Dr. Shiva Ayyhadurai filed the complaint after having several tweets alleging election fraud censored by Twitter. Twitter later permanently suspended his account, and he filed a lawsuit against several state election officials.



On February 19, the court advised Dr. Ayyhadurai that he needed to add Twitter to the lawsuit in order to move forward with the case. The May 20 hearing will determine whether he can add Twitter to the matter as a defendant. The court also set aside May 21 for additional arguments on the motion if necessary.

We will update you on the results of the hearing as soon as the court published its findings.

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