JUST IN: Bill Clinton RAPE Accusation… It’s Official

(ReliableNews.org) – Just a few days ago, Bill Clinton’s close friend and alleged mistress Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested for allegedly helping rape teenage girls with liberal billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

And now, Bill Clinton himself is being publicly accused of rape…

Former nursing home administrator of Arkansas Juanita Broaddrick has just publicly accused Bill Clinton on Twitter of raping her in 1978, saying, “He raped me in 1978. I will always live with that.” Her statement comes just as Bill Clinton is dealing with the aftermath of the Ghislaine Maxwell arrest for similar allegations.

Bill Clinton Accused

Juanita Broaddrick served as a nursing home administrator in the state of Arkansas in the early 70s. She claims Bill Clinton sexually attacked and raped her while he was still serving as the Attorney General of Arkansas.

Although Broaddrick has tried to expose Bill Clinton before, she has received very little attention from the mainstream media. They refuse to let her share her story. Broaddrick decided to take to Twitter to call out Bill Clinton for his past, just as he’s dealing with the arrest of his close friend Ghislaine Maxwell.

On Twitter, Broaddrick claims that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978. Sadly, she believes it’s very unlikely Bill Clinton will ever have to answer for what allegedly happened.

Not The First Time

This isn’t the first time Bill Clinton has been accused of a serious sexual crime. According to Business Insider, there have been at least 4 major sexual allegations against Bill Clinton. That’s not even counting the other salacious scandals Clinton has been involved with throughout his career.

It’s very likely that we will learn a lot more about Bill Clinton’s hidden past. Especially as Ghislaine Maxwell tells law enforcement what she knows.

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