JUST IN: Trump Orders His ARREST – It’s Official…

(ReliableNews.org) – President Donald Trump is once again proving that he is the law and order candidate.

According to the Daily Mail, President Donald Trump’s administration is now conducting a manhunt to ARREST the leaker responsible for illegally giving top secret information about “Russian bounties” to the New York Times. Trump says there are at least 10 suspects under investigation by the authorities.

It’s Jail Time

According to the report released, President Donald Trump and his administration intend to bring the leaker who gave the New York Times classified intelligence about U.S. operations in Afghanistan to justice.

After the leak was confirmed, the White House immediately sprang into action to find the person(s) responsible. So far, the list of suspects has been narrowed down to less than 10 people.

Leaker’s Claim Is Also Reportedly Bogus

The White House leaker reportedly gave the New York Times unproven intelligence claiming Russia was offering “bounties” on U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan. The leaker’s report claimed Russia was giving money to the Taliban to kill Americans.

President Donald Trump and the Pentagon have both debunked the claims as being unproven and very unlikely.

On Twitter, President Donald Trump even released an official statement following the leak, confirming that U.S. Intelligence didn’t even brief him on the bounty claims because experts believe the report was a complete hoax:

So not only will the leaker likely go to jail, but it’s also likely all of the information the leaker released to the public was FAKE on top of that.

It’s a very bad situation for whomever is responsible, but they will undoubtedly pay the price.

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