Kamala Harris Bad Polls Trigger Panic in Democrat Party

Kamala Harris

(ReliableNews.org) – The 2022 midterms are right around the corner and the Democratic Party is fighting to hold onto its slim majority in Congress. Republicans only need to win a net five seats in the House of Representatives to take back the majority and stop President Joe Biden’s agenda in its tracks. 

Ordinarily, politicians welcome the president and vice president to their districts to help woo voters. However, it seems some Democrats are worried Vice President Kamala Harris could actually hurt their chances of keeping their seats if they invite her to speak up for them. 

Unfavorable VP

Recent polls show the American people are not huge fans of Harris. According to The Hill, recent surveys show just how unpopular she is, and it is causing Democrats to take notice. For example, an Economist-YouGov poll conducted from July 24 to July 27 shows 48% of respondents think she is not doing a good job. 

RealClearPolitics averaged out recent polling numbers for the vice president and discovered she had an unfavorable rating of 46%: 3 points higher than Biden’s unfavorable rating. An unnamed Democratic strategist said, “As of right now, I think she has the potential of doing more harm than good for some of these candidates.” They believe the VP might be able to raise a lot of money for candidates and go to certain districts, but they are probably going to keep her far away from vulnerable members of Congress to avoid giving the GOP more fuel. 

High Hopes Dashed

When Harris became the first female vice president in American history there was a hope on the Left that she would change the political landscape. Since taking office, she has struggled to gain footing. The former senator and prosecutor was put in charge of the crisis along the southern border, but has not made any sort of difference. It took her months to even go down to Texas to see what was happening. 

Before Harris visited the border, she repeatedly laughed when reporters asked her about whether she was going to go there. Her reactions left many to believe she didn’t think the crisis was serious, even as hundreds of thousands of migrants poured into the US. It’s also unclear what else she is doing while in the White House. 

Some Democrats had hopes that she would run for president and pick up where Biden leaves off when he serves his term, but it looks like those dreams are dead in the water. If she can’t be trusted to visit Democratic districts to campaign for incumbents, how will she ever run for the presidency?

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