Kamala Harris Puts U.S. Safety Last With Recent Decision

(ReliableNews.org) – President Biden announced his decision to put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of leading his administration’s effort on March 24. Her job was to stem the flow of immigrants across the nation’s southern border. The White House had denied there was a crisis for weeks, but finally, help was on the way. Or was it?

Nearly three weeks later, Harris appears to be AWOL, at least in regards to border security. As the New York Post reported on April 11, she hasn’t visited the border, introduced a border security plan, or met with members of the press about the crisis.

She did manage to find the time to speak out in support of gun control last week. She also visited a bakery on the south side of Chicago. Harris reportedly told White House press pool reporters that German chocolate cake is a favorite. However, she had nothing to report about the border — again.

In the meantime, a humanitarian crisis explodes at the southern border. So far, Harris has managed to squeeze in a couple of phone calls to Central American leaders. Otherwise, she appears to have less than any interest in performing the duties tasked to her by Biden.

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