Kamala Harris Tapping Build Back Better Agenda

Kamala Harris Tapping Build Back Better Agenda

(ReliableNews.org) – On October 18, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Nevada’s Lake Mead to meet with officials to discuss ongoing drought conditions in the Western United States and the role of climate change in America’s future. Harris said the current water shortage was a “fundamental issue” since “every living thing depends…on water” as she stood in front of the rapidly draining reservoir. The Vice President promoted President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better reconciliation bill against this backdrop.

The passage of Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill depends on winning over Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV). He opposes the legislation’s clean electricity program and its plans to include a new clean energy standard designed to cut carbon emissions in half over the next 10 years.

Harris attempted to pressure Manchin by connecting those aspects of the Build Back Better plan to current and future water shortages. She explained the passage of the bill would help the country “tackle the climate crisis with investments in clean energy and electric vehicles” so the country can “reduce emissions.”

“Why do we need to reduce emissions?” Harris asked rhetorically. “Because they contribute to the country’s drought conditions”, she answered. The VP continued her pitch for the Biden plan, saying it was all about “thinking ahead” and recognizing where the country might be heading if it doesn’t address the issue of climate change. The situation is about “life” itself, she noted.

She concluded her speech by turning to view Lake Mead and telling attendees to consider the fact that the lake’s water level has receded more than the height of the Statue of Liberty during the last two decades. “Let’s get [Biden’s plan] passed,” she stated.

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