Kamala Harris Tapping Hillary Clinton Insiders To Be In Her “Team” (REPORT)

(ReliableNews.org) – The American people still do not know who the next president will be. There are allegations of election misconduct across the country. President Donald Trump is currently in court fighting to make sure election officials count every legal vote.

In the meantime, the General Services Administration allowed Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris to move forward with their transition. Both of them are choosing staff to serve during their administration. And they are both making very alarming choices.

Kamala Harris and the Clinton Insiders

On December 3, Harris named three people she hopes will join her team in 2021 if she becomes the next vice president. Two of them are Clinton family allies.

Harris named Nancy McEldowney as her national security adviser. She once served former President Bill Clinton on his foreign policy team. The Democrat also named Hartina Flournoy to be her chief of staff. Flournoy currently serves Clinton in the same position. Rohini Kosoglu will serve as her domestic policy adviser.

The senator said her team is going to get the COVID-19 pandemic “under control” and “advance our country’s leadership” across the globe. President Donald Trump has already made America a leader, and his administration helped create the coronavirus vaccines, but sure, that’s what she’s going to do.

Barack Obama 2.0

In November, Biden began choosing the officials he hopes will serve on his team, and some of the names were very familiar. He picked several people who worked in Barack Obama’s administration. In fact, there are so many Obama officials snatching up White House jobs, Biden’s campaign staffers were reportedly angry about it.

One unnamed senior staffer told Business Insider the Obama officials are “cutting out the people who got Biden elected.” The official said, “It’s f****d up.”

It’s clear, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan to fill the DC swamp right back up with establishment politicians who will take the country backwards, not propel it forward.

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