Kayleigh McEnany Calls Twitter CEO A “Mob Artist

(ReliableNews.org) – On Wednesday, October 28, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and other Big Tech executives were grilled by senators on the Commerce Committee. Republicans were particularly interested in the way in which the companies handled the Hunter Biden story. The next day, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany gave an interview to Fox & Friends where she railed against Twitter.

A “Mob Artist”

During Dorsey’s testimony, he told lawmakers the NY Post, who broke the Hunter Biden scandal, is going to be banned from the platform until it removes a tweet that violated Twitter’s terms of service. Host Brian Kilmeade asked the press secretary about what the Trump Campaign plans to do about social media sites, including Twitter, censoring President Donald Trump, his supporters, and negative stories about Joe Biden. For instance, the commander-in-chief and his campaign have been censored 65 times by Big Tech, while Joe Biden hasn’t faced any criticism.

McEnany explained the campaign is taking its message “directly to the American people.” she then said, “Shame on Jack Dorsey.” The press sec called him a “mob artist” who is running a “shakedown effort” by censoring the Post over the Hunter story. She told the Fox host the president is going to handle Big Tech if he wins a second term on November 3.

Getting Big Tech in Line

Right now, Big Tech is able to get away with censorship because Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act provides companies with widespread liability protections. This has led to alleged abuses carried out by powerful internet companies hell-bent on targeting conservatives.

President Trump has said he wants to limit those protections which would open the companies up to lawsuits if they limit speech unevenly. Meaning, conservatives would be able to sue Twitter, Facebook, and Google if they’re unfairly censored. That would be a tremendous win for the Right.

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