Kentucky Factory Workers Plan to Sue After Tornado Collapse

Kentucky Factory Workers Plan to Sue after Tornado Collapse

( – A series of deadly tornadoes ripped through Kentucky beginning Friday night, December 10, and extending into the early hours of Saturday morning, killing at least 74 people. Mayfield, Kentucky, took a direct hit from a tornado which resulted in catastrophic damage to the Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory. A recent report indicated at least three surviving workers plan to sue the factory’s owners over events related to the building’s collapse.

Amos Jones, a Washington DC-based lawyer, told reporters he was working with the employees to build the case. He indicated he had already identified six separate “causes of action” that occurred both before and after the tornado that contributed to the death of eight workers and an unknown number of injuries.

Jones declined to elaborate on the nature of those six points of alleged negligence and refused to say when he would formally file the lawsuit, only telling reporters it would happen soon. Jones also refused to provide any information regarding whether he planned to file the action in federal or state court.

Bob Ferguson, a spokesperson for the factory, told reporters the company hadn’t received the cease-and-desist demand or a notice of intent to sue. According to him, Jones’ accusation about factory officials threatening workers with being fired if they left that night was “incredibly false.”

We will keep you updated as events unfold.

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