Kim Jong Un Has Been Put On Notice!

US, Japan, and South Korea Send Dire Warning to North Korea

US, Japan, and South Korea Send Dire Warning to North Korea

( – North Korea’s unstable government has been increasingly aggressive recently, threatening its democratic neighbor with a powerful display of firepower. Now analysts think the country could be preparing another illegal nuclear weapon test. The US and two key allies are trying to head off that possibility.

On October 26, senior officials from the US, South Korea, and Japan held a press conference in Tokyo, and their focus was on the threat of a new North Korean nuclear test. The reclusive Stalinist state hasn’t detonated a nuclear weapon since 2017. Another test would force additional sanctions against the rogue nation. To complicate matters, Russia and China have recently started blocking moves for more US sanctions against Pyongyang.

The North Korean regime is getting increasingly bold; this year, it tested over 20 ballistic missiles, one of which flew over Japan. Last week, North Korean artillery fired massive barrages into South Korean waters in an attempt to intimidate the Seoul government.

South Korea’s Deputy Foreign Minister Cho Hyun-dong warned that another nuclear test wouldn’t be tolerated. He told the press if Pyongyang does fire a weapon, “an unparalleled scale of response would be necessary.” US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman backed that up, urging North Korea to “refrain from further provocations.”

Illegal nuclear tests are especially worrying right now, because Russia appears to be gearing up for a false flag dirty bomb attack in Ukraine, and China has been increasing its intimidation campaign against Taiwan. Western leaders are focused on reining them in, and don’t need any more distractions from North Korea.

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