Larry Elder Viciously Assaulted

Larry Elder Viciously Assaulted

( – Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder faced a band of liberals while touring a homeless camp in Venice, California. What appears to be a white woman wearing a gorilla mask threw eggs at Mr. Elder, suggesting she was purposely trying to assault him.

Elder is favored to replace Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom should he lose this month’s recall election.

A white woman on a bicycle wearing a gorilla mask appeared to lead the assault, leading some to question whether Elder was targeted because he is a person of color.

Ultra-conservative political activist Jack Posobiec posted a short clip of the now-viral incident on his Twitter account. He claimed white liberals initiated the ‘attack.’

The clip shows several individuals tossing what appear to be eggs in Elder’s direction, but most of them appeared to miss him. A brief scuffle broke out between a few individuals, but a black man stepped in to stop the action before it got very heated.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva weighed in on the incident, wondering out loud whether or not the incident constituted a hate crime. He speculated that the woman would get away with her crime due to “woke privilege.”

Regardless of the criminal implications of the incident, one reality seems clear. If Elder were a Democrat and the assailant a Republican, mainstream media members would have jumped at the opportunity to cover the story.

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