Laura Ingraham Brings Anonymous Poll Worker On Show In Mysterious Interview

( – Questions about voter fraud are swirling around the November 3 election. President Donald Trump believes people may have voted illegally and wants to get to the bottom of the situation. Fox News Laura Ingraham tried to help with that recently.

On Tuesday, November 10, Ingraham interviewed an alleged Clark County, Nevada poll worker. Viewers could only see a silhouette of the woman on the show, and producers changed her voice. She went on to say she saw a Biden campaign van near her polling location and claims she witnessed people taking ballots out of envelopes.

The poll workers then said those people put the alleged ballots back in the envelopes after marking them down.

The woman has reportedly signed an affidavit for the Trump Campaign to use in court. If this woman is telling the truth, it makes you wonder who those people were. And how are Nevada residents supposed to know what the real election results are?

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