Laura Ingraham: China Knows If Biden Is Victorious — It Will Help Them

( – During the 2020 campaign, there were rumblings about China interfering in the US election to try to get Joe Biden elected. The communist government didn’t want another four years of Donald Trump because he made it very clear he wasn’t going to take their abuse on America. Recently, a Fox News host highlighted why China wants the Democrat in the White House.

On Tuesday, December 15, Laura Ingraham talked about the possibility of a Biden presidency and said China isn’t trying to hide its excitement. If he is sworn in, she said it’ll be a “huge victory” for the Chinese Communist Party because they know Biden will spend more time worrying “about offending President Xi than standing up for American workers.” She went on to talk about the former vice president’s advisers and their “track record” of catering to the communists.

The last time Biden was a member of the executive branch, the country was the weakest it’d been on China in decades. President Donald Trump had an enormous mess to clean up when he entered the White House. Now, there’s a possibility all of his successes will be undone as the Democrats bow to the communist country.

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