Lawmaker Casts Shirtless Vote in Zoom Wardrobe Malfunction

Lawmaker Casts Shirtless Vote in Zoom Wardrobe Malfunction

( – One of the benefits of working from home is that you can dress comfortably. Many people wear dress shirts because their colleagues can see them from the waist up on video conferences, but then wear comfortable pajama bottoms. Business on the top, party on the bottom. A Minnesota lawmaker decided to get a bit more comfortable, and it has made national headlines.

State Senator Calvin Bahr (R) is a truck driver when he isn’t passing laws in the legislature. On May 1, he worked until about 4:45 a.m. and then went to bed. Later that day, he had to cast a vote on the Legislative Audit Committee’s business of the day. When he appeared on screen to vote, he appeared to be in bed and shirtless. Behind him was a photo of the cartoon “Bill” and the child from the “I’m Just a Bill” skit on “Schoolhouse Rock.” He quickly ducked down and turned the camera off. His colleagues are seen smiling when the camera pans back to them.

A spokeswoman for the Republicans in Minnesota’s Senate told the Star Tribune that Bahr worked late that day, explaining why he was in bed. She said he wasn’t going to comment on the incident or his vote.

The senator isn’t the first employee in the country to have an embarrassing Zoom call. In 2017, Professor Robert Kelly was in the middle of a video interview with BBC about North Korea when his children suddenly busted into his office. First, his daughter danced into the room behind her dad, then her sibling, a baby in a walker, followed her. His horrified wife ran in and pulled the kids out of the room. The father continued speaking while his kids screamed in the background.

And, of course, there was the horrifying moment for staff members of the New Yorker when CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin began pleasuring himself on a Zoom call with his colleagues, not realizing he was on camera.

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