Lawmaker Challenges Kamala Harris to Visit Border

( – It has been months since President Joe Biden tasked his Vice President, Kamala Harris, with spearheading the administration’s efforts to resolve the mounting border crisis. From all appearances, she’s done little to nothing to stabilize border security. She did take a trip to Central America, but critics remain skeptical, and the flood of migrants pouring across the border continues. Now, Texas Democrats are pleading with the vice president to visit the border.

On Tuesday, June 15, Texas Democratic state Rep. Henry Cuellar sent Harris a letter begging her to visit the nation’s southern border with him to “observe the ongoing humanitarian crisis” building there. He also hoped she would take the time to understand the impact of the crisis on American citizens who live near the US-Mexico border.

Cuellar explained in his letter that the swift rise in the number of migrants arriving at the border “placed severe burdens” on Texas communities.” He went on to explain in his letter that no one understands the “dynamics fueling the immigration crisis” better than the “leaders of our local border communities” like law enforcement officials, emergency personnel, mayors, judges, and landowners.

The operative question remains, will Harris finally listen to fellow Democrats about the importance of visiting the border, or will she ignore them as if nothing is happening?

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