Lawmaker Introduces Resolution To REMOVE Pelosi As House Speaker

( – Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) released a draft copy of a resolution he intends to introduce before the full House of Representatives calling for the removal of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as Speaker of the House.

Collins posted a tweet over the weekend announcing his resolution, and on Monday, October 12, Fox News obtained a draft copy of his resolution.

Collin’s draft resolution cites several reasons for Pelosi’s removal to include:

  • Her “unwillingness” to follow the Constitution;
  • Recent actions calling her “mental fitness” into question;
  • Her waste of time pursuing “baseless and fruitless investigations” against President Donald Trump;
  • The initiation of an impeachment inquiry in late 2019; and
  • Her “confused” and “bizarre behavior” during a September 20 appearance on a Sunday morning news show on ABC News.

Collins’ proposed resolution follows Pelosi’s October 9 announcement of the creation of a House commission to consider invoking the 25th Amendment to oust President Trump from office.

By all accounts, Collins’ concerns about Pelosi have merit, and as he explained in his resolution, it’s imperative to remove her from the presidential line of succession. As House Speaker, she is second in line to the presidency behind Vice President Mike Pence should anything happen to the president and vice president.

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