Lawyer Kevin Morris Gives Evidence in Negative Hunter Biden Case

( – Lawyer Kevin Morris recently sat for a deposition before the House Oversight Committee about his friendship with Hunter Biden. After his testimony, Chairman James Comer (R-KY) released a statement about what lawmakers heard that day. Morris’ attorney, Bryan Sullivan, demanded the chairman release the full transcript and accused him of cherrypicking and misrepresenting his client’s testimony to further his own narrative. Now, Comer has released the entire testimony.

On January 23, the House Oversight Committee released the full transcript. According to Morris’ testimony, he met Hunter Biden in 2019 at a fundraiser for Joe Biden in Brentwood, California. Morris donated to the future president at the event which was held at producer Lanette Phillips’ home. Phillips later contacted Morris through a mutual acquaintance if he would meet with Hunter and advise him on some “entertainment-ish” issues that he didn’t specify.

Morris testified that he met with Hunter and had a five-hour conversation with him. When it was over, he began representing him and, about six weeks later, began loaning him money. According to the attorney, he loaned Hunter about $5 million but paid it directly to third parties, like the IRS, for back taxes.

According to Morris, he clicked with Hunter because he was also a recovering addict who came from an Irish Catholic family. When lawmakers asked him why he loaned so much money without knowing if he would get it back, he said that he didn’t want him to relapse. He told the committee he had a “very tribal feeling about Hunter” because he thought he was “a guy getting the crap beat out of him […] by a gang of people.” He said where they came from, they didn’t let stuff like that happen.

The entertainment attorney said that while he supported Biden’s candidacy, he didn’t receive any favors from the White House. Still, Republicans say the loans to Hunter Biden raise ethical concerns for the president.

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