Leaked Joe Biden Audio Causes Stir

(ReliableNews.org) – When Liberals started calling for cities to defund the police, it seemed like a very bad idea. Not only would it make cities less safe at a time when far-Left agitators are burning down businesses and taking over sections of cities, but politically it just doesn’t seem too smart. A number of high-profile Democrats agree and now Joe Biden is in hot water because of it.

Leaked Audio

On Tuesday, December 8, Biden held a zoom call with a group of civil rights leaders. In the audio of the call that was later released, the former vice president says there are things he could accomplish by executive order if he is sworn in on January 20th. However, he stressed that the power to act through executive orders is not absolute and there are things he can’t do, like ban “assault” weapons.

Biden went on to say that the ‘defund the police’ movement might hurt the party’s chances of winning the Georgia runoff races and taking control of the Senate. He told the civil rights leaders that the Republican Party “beat the living hell” out of Liberals across the country by using the radical rhetoric about eliminating funding for police officers.

Obama Agrees

Biden’s words are similar to those of Barack Obama. The former president told Peter Hamby that the Left lost a “big audience” by saying “defund the police.” By repeating the phrase it’s less likely they will be able to make any of the changes they want because people stopped listening.

Progressives pushed back on Obama, and they will certainly do the same thing to Biden. The radical Left doesn’t seem to understand the American people have no interest in making their communities less safe and also don’t get why the phrase “defund the police” would cause so many people to recoil. But this is nothing new.

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