Leftist Site Says NO To Biden – “It’s Time To Move On”

Leftist Site Calls Out Biden - Says It's Time To

Leftist Site Calls Out Biden – Says It’s Time To “Move On”

(ReliableNews.org) – On November 15, former President Donald Trump announced he is running for the White House again in 2024. So far, the Republican has been the only person to make a formal declaration. President Joe Biden has said he plans to run again for the Democratic party but has not formally announced his campaign — and not everyone thinks he should.

On November 12, Salon contributor Norman Solomon posted an article about the US leader throwing his hat in the ring for the upcoming general election. The writer called Biden a “drag” on the party during the midterm elections and said he would “be a disaster in 2024.”

Solomon cited the president’s dismal approval rating as one of the reasons he should step aside and let another Democrat take a shot at the Oval Office next. The fact is, Biden’s approval rating hasn’t been above 50% since August 2021, according to FiveThirtyEight. Solomon said the current president would make a “weak candidate” against whoever earns the nomination on the Republican ticket. The writer said his willingness to reach across the aisle is not what the country needs right now.

In his article, Solomon mentioned he supported the Don’t Run Joe campaign, which is a petition against putting Biden on the 2024 presidential ticket. The site says Democrats need “bold leadership,” and they don’t feel the POTUS fits the bill.

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