Lin Wood Urges Supporters To Stock Up On “2nd Amendment Supplies”

( – On Monday, December 14, the Electoral College cast its ballots for the next president. When the vote was over, Joe Biden appeared to have the lead, but some legislators have said they plan to contest the results when Congress holds its joint session on January 6 to officially count the votes. The uncertainty of the process caused one of the president’s staunchest supporters to issue some advice.

Georgia attorney Lin Wood told President Trump’s supporters they should stock up on “2nd Amendment supplies,” including food and water. He believes there might be unrest and Americans need to make sure they have what they need to hunker down and protect their families.

Wood isn’t alone in his thinking. Prior to the November 3 election, businesses and families across the country prepared for potential violence after the results were announced. It just so happens those results are delayed as President Donald Trump fights to ensure only legal votes were counted. That unrest could very well erupt after Congress’ decision next month.

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