Lindsey Graham Makes Bold Claim About the Real Winners Under a Biden Admin.

( – The border crisis is still raging more than five months into the Biden administration. Vice President Kamala Harris has not done much to put an end to the catastrophe despite being put in charge of it months ago. As it continues to spiral out of control, one senator is now pointing out who the real winners are when it comes to this administration.

On June 22, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke to Fox News’ Sean Hannity about the crisis down South. He said the policies the Biden-Harris administration are implementing are “blowing up” in their faces. They have been in charge for months now and the only winners are the “drug cartels in Mexico, human traffickers and coyotes in Mexico, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Iranian ayatollah, Russia, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, and China.”

The senator criticized a new decision by the Biden administration to allow asylum seekers who did not attend their court hearings to make their cases again. He said the president is “incompetent and foolish” when it comes to managing the immigration crisis in the country.

With hundreds of thousands of immigrants pouring into the US from the southern border, it’s not hard to see why Graham has such a problem with the way President Biden is running the country.

He seems more concerned with scoring political points from the Left than he is making a positive difference in the country and because of that, the US’ enemies are winning.

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