Long-Time Family Friend Slams Biden After Afghan Withdrawal Speech

Meghan McCain Slams Long-Time Family Friend After Afghan Withdrawal Speech

(ReliableNews.org) – All too often, Americans witnessed an AWOL administration throughout the duration of the Afghan crisis. In a typical move, President Joe Biden hid out during developments while Taliban soldiers took over Afghanistan. Things have gotten so bizarre, that even long-time family friend Meghan McCain is speaking out against the Commander-in-Chief.

McCain and Biden go back decades. He was close friends with her father, former US Senator John McCain (R-AZ). But that didn’t stop her from raking Biden in the wake of his August 31 Afghan withdrawal speech.

The former host of The View responded to that address with a fiery three-part Twitter tirade. She began by reminding everyone that 13 American soldiers ranging in age from 20 to 23 years are now dead because our military leadership put them in harm’s way. She added that it disgusted and disappointed her that Biden flippantly remarked that troops handled the evacuation in an “orderly manner.”

Continuing, she said it pained her to say it, but she no longer recognized her long-time family friend. “God help our country,” she said, and “God help” the American citizens and allies that the Biden administration abandoned in Afghanistan.

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