Major Turn Of Events in Fired Vax Official’s Hate Crime Story

Major Turn Of Events in Fired Vax Official's Hate Crime Story

( – Controversy erupted in July after the Tennessee Department of Health fired its top vaccination official, Dr. Michelle Fiscus. She claimed the department fired her after she drew the ire of Republican lawmakers for her outreach efforts to get teenagers vaccinated against COVID-19. Shortly before her termination, she received an anonymous Amazon package containing a dog muzzle.

Fiscus reported the incident to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TDOS) and told investigators she felt the package was a warning for her to stop her campaign to get people vaccinated. TDOS Special Agent Mario Vigil officially closed his investigation into the incident on Monday, August 16. However, in a major turn of events, Fiscus may have sent the muzzle to herself.

It turns out that a redacted copy of Agent Vigil’s report tells a different tale. Fiscus reportedly provided information regarding her Amazon account that didn’t match the sender’s account. However, after serving a subpoena on Amazon officials, it was determined that both accounts used the same American Express card under the name of Dr. Michelle D. Fiscus.

Fiscus quickly posted a Tweet denying the claim. It remains unclear exactly what happened, and if she will be charged with filing a false report with the TDOS.

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