Man Breaks Into Apartment and Cleans It


( – There are a lot of interesting stories floating around about unusual break-ins. Here’s a fun one that’s sure to put a smile on your face. Our story began in July 2021 when a New Jersey couple returned home to discover someone had broken into their home. But, here’s where it got interesting. To their amazement, they discovered the burglar [?] didn’t take anything.

Well, that’s not entirely true. He cleaned their apartment and took out their garbage! Really.

Here’s what happened. Louis Angelino supplements his income by cleaning friends’ homes on the side. Aside from earning a little extra money, he says it’s therapeutic. “If you’re in a clean environment, your mind [becomes] clean,” too, he explained.

Angelino went to a friend’s apartment to clean it. As instructed, he grabbed the key from under the doormat, entered the apartment, and went about the task of cleaning it.

As he put the finishing touches on the apartment, his cellphone rang. It was his client. “Yo, where are you?” he asked.

Angelo responded that he was in his client’s living room playing with his cat. That’s when he realized something was not quite right! His client didn’t have a cat.

The story did have a happy ending. Angelo’s client passed his phone number to his neighbors. They said they might call on him for an official cleaning job in the future because he did such a great job.

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