Man Charged with Threatening Candidates Found Dead During Jury Deliberation

( – Violent political threats have surged as the 2024 general election approaches. Federal authorities arrested a New Hampshire man last year for making threats against multiple candidates. However, that man won’t be going to prison.

Federal authorities arrested Tyler Anderson, 30, last year and charged him with sending threats to three presidential candidates. A spokesperson for former Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy revealed he was one of the individuals who received threats.

According to the Department of Justice, Anderson allegedly threatened to “disembowel” and “impale” one of the candidates. He told another candidate that he planned to carry out a “mass shooting” and “blow” their “head off.” Finally, he said he was going to “blow [the] brain out” of a third candidate and “kill everyone” who attended a campaign event.

Anderson’s trial began on Monday, June 24. The jury began deliberating the case the following day. His lawyer reported that his client died while the jury was making a decision. A court filing reportedly said, “[T]he government has learned that the defendant is deceased.” Anderson didn’t arrive at court on Wednesday, so police began looking for him. They found a car in the parking garage at Concord Hospital that night with a strong chemical smell wafting from it. A hazmat team responded and pulled the defendant’s body from the vehicle. First responders pronounced him dead.

Officers reported they suspected no foul play at the time. They also didn’t find any weapons in his vehicle. Anderson was receiving help for mental health issues when he died. The court ordered him to take all of his medications.

The defendant was facing up to five years of incarceration for each of the three counts of sending threats using interstate commerce. He was also facing a fine of up to $250,000 and up to three years of supervised release for each charge.

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