Man Quits Six-Figure Job in “Rite of Passage”

Man Quits Six-Figure Job in

( – Sometimes, a person needs to make a change in their life. That’s what a Texas man decided one day. Now he’s on a 2,300-mile journey with his horse.

On April 9, Cyril Bertheau set out on a journey from Austin, Texas, to Seattle, Washington, on his horse, Shiok. He told KXAN that all of the eldest sons in his family participate in a “great adventure.” He explained that his father traveled across the world for three years, visiting the US, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and Asia. His grandfather traveled by foot through the Sahah Desert. He told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” a long trip is a “rite of passage” in his family.

Bertheau claims he’s an experienced horseback rider. He quit his six-figure job in the tech field to begin it and expects it to take about 100 days. He purchased his horse on Craiglist about a month before leaving on his trip.

The adventurer left from Zilker Park in Austin on Easter. He intends to take a route through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho to reach Seattle. To make sure his horse has enough rest he said he will ride five full days per week. The horse will have about one and a half days to rest. Bertheau also said he intends to camp along the way so the trip has an “old west” vibe.

Since starting the trip, he has had some issues. At one point, little rocks got stuck in the horse’s hooves, and when he was trying to clean them out, he fell on the horse. Then when he tried to grab the animal’s reins, he missed, and the horse took off.

Not everyone is thrilled about Bertheau’s trip. His Instagram account, where he is documenting his journey, is full of comments from people who are criticizing him. They say he was wrong for buying a horse from Craigslist and have also claimed he did not train the animal enough for the journey. Bertheau seems unbothered by the criticisms, choosing to ignore the comments rather than respond to them.

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