Man Sentenced to Life in Prison

Man Expected to Get Life Sentence in Prison

( – New York real estate heir Robert Alan Durst’s wife, Kathleen McCormack, disappeared nearly four decades ago under mysterious circumstances. In 2017, the courts declared McCormack legally dead at the request of family members. Her fate remains a mystery to this day. The same can’t be said for longtime Durst friend Susan Berman.

On October 14, a California judge sentenced Durst to life in prison without the possibility of parole for her execution-style murder in 2000. The trial began in March 2020 but was suspended until May 2021 due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. A jury of his peers convicted Durst of first-degree murder in Los Angeles on September 17.

A gaunt-looking Durst slumped in a wheelchair wearing a face mask and inmate jumpsuit. He had to follow the proceedings with the help of a tablet display following along with the proceedings because he is hard of hearing.

California Superior Court Judge Mark Windham stated Berman’s murder was a “horrific crime” before passing sentence on the 78-year-old Durst. He also called it the killing of a witness. Berman provided an alibi for Durst shortly after McCormack’s disappearance in 1982.

Although Durst won’t ever see the light of day outside prison walls, his legal troubles may not be over yet. The District Attorney’s Office for New York’s Westchester County recently announced it would impanel a grand jury to look into Durst’s possible role in McCormack’s death. The Westchester Medical Examiners officer reclassified her disappearance as a murder earlier this year.

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