Man Who Allegedly Decapitated Ex-Girlfriend Has Troubled Past

Man Who Allegedly Decapitated Ex-Girlfriend Has Troubled Past

Killer That Chopped Woman’s Head Off Has Criminal Record REVEALED

( – On September 8, Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta allegedly decapitated his ex-girlfriend, Karina Castro, with a sword. San Mateo County, California, police found her body on the road. There are now reports that her accused had a criminal past.

According to reports, court records allegedly showed that in 2012, Landaeta was accused of raping someone who was unconscious. San Mateo County reduced the charge to a count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a victim who was three years younger. Authorities expunged his record a year after he successfully completed three years of probation and an unnamed program.

In addition to Landaeta’s criminal record, there are conflicting reports about his immigration status. Some indicate he came to the US on a student visa a decade ago from Venezuela and never left. Breitbart reached out to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) about the alleged murderer’s legal status and an official reportedly stated the agency had no dealings with him.

If Landaeta is, in fact, an illegal immigrant it once again calls into question whether California’s sanctuary status is dangerous for Americans. The 2017 law prevents localities from reporting to ICE. It’s unclear whether he committed any crimes after the passage of the law. But one has to wonder if the murder could have been prevented.

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