Manhunt Ended After Remains of Missing Woman Found

Manhunt Ended After Remains Found of Missing Woman

( – Elation over the country’s reopening and the ability to travel over the summer and early fall quickly turned to tragedy for far too many Americans. The country anxiously awaited news about 22-year-old Gabby Petito after her former fiance, Brian Laundrie, returned from a nationwide trip without her in early September. By the latter half of October, search and rescue teams had recovered both of their remains.

Sadly, California officials recently confirmed the identity of different remains found last week by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office. On October 28, California authorities confirmed the remains belonged to a missing 30-year-old New Jersey woman named Lauren Cho. Family members had reported her missing in June after she disappeared while sharing a vacation rental with a group of friends, including her ex-boyfriend. Cho reportedly suffered from mental distress and anxiety immediately before her disappearance in California’s southern desert.

Callahan Walsh, a spokesperson for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, told reporters Cho’s disappearance didn’t align with the usual behavior of someone wanting to hurt themself or commit suicide, “God forbid.” According to him, people don’t usually try to kill themself by wandering into the desert. “That… would take a long time,” he concluded.

Medical authorities advised they won’t determine an official cause of death until they receive the results of toxicology tests.

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