Marco Rubio Says GOP Must Rebrand Itself (REPORT)

( – Republicans produced a report in 2013 after Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney by 126 electoral votes. Known as the “autopsy,” the report detailed a strategy to reach out to young people, women, immigrants, and minorities.

Donald Trump posted a tweet about the report on the day of its release, questioning whether Republicans had a death wish when it came to the plan’s support for immigration reform. However, three years later, he successfully campaigned for the White House on a robust immigration reform plan. 

Fast-forwarding to the present, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) recently suggested a new post-mortem for the GOP, telling Axios the party’s future “is based on a multiethnic, multiracial working-class coalition” on November 11. Rubio had a similar conversation with The New York Times, telling it the president’s strong support among minority voters in the 2020 election demonstrated Republican ability to expand that coalition even though it didn’t neatly fit into a traditional two-party model.

Looking at the president’s inroads with minority voters during the 2020 election would suggest there could be some credence to Rubio’s advice. One thing is certain, Donald Trump will remain a force to be reckoned with in American politics for a long time. 

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