Marjorie Taylor Green Represents The MAGA Movement’s Power

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is arguably the most vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump in Congress. She never wavers, no matter what is going on around her. Every opportunity she has, she speaks out for the 45th president and lets him know that she still has his back. Maybe that’s why the Left hates her so much.

MGT Carrying MAGA Forward

A February 18 profile of Greene in USA Today discussed her rise to Congress and how her constituents feel about her in the wake of her being stripped of her committee seats earlier in the month. According to the report, she perfectly embodies the MAGA movement. The freshman congresswoman is “pro-religion, pro-guns, pro-Donald Trump” and fully supports the First Amendment. This is exactly what her constituents want in their representative.

A downtown Rome business owner, Debbie Scoggins, said she believes the congresswoman is “representing us very well.” Not everyone necessarily agrees with some of the theories she has spread, according to the report, but that’s not going to make them turn against her.

Even Democrats realize she is a force to be reckoned with because of her support of the former president.

Greene Soldiers On

Democrats in the area say Greene is popular in the district because she stands by Trump. One woman said “Trump is king,” in her area. Republicans widely support his movement and the congresswoman is moving it forward. That’s exactly what she has been doing.

On February 18, Greene announced she is co-sponsoring a bill to ensure “gun ownership is not monitored and collected.” The bill comes as the Left is pushing for more gun control laws.

She has also co-sponsored a pro-life bill that declares life begins at conception and seeks to protect the unborn by extending protections under the 14th Amendment.

Just like Trump, she is continuing to push the MAGA agenda even in the face of adversity. That’s what will keep people voting for her.

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