Markets Surge Amid Election Chaos As Investors Focus On Senate Elections Instead

( – The stock markets continued their upward rise in the wake of the political chaos surrounding the November 3 presidential election. The broader-market index rose nearly one-percent on November 10, following an overall post-election surge by Dow Jones, the S&P 500, and Nasdaq.

Although the country remains mired in allegations of election fraud, the stock market appears to have turned its attention forwards towards the upcoming runoff elections in Georgia for two US Senators.

While there is some concern regarding the outcome of the presidential election and a possible transfer of power in January 2021, market analysts are turning their attention to the future control of the Senate.

Additionally, the prospect of developing a COVID-19 vaccine is bolstering market spikes in the wake of the November 10 announcement by Pfizer of a success rate hitting 90% over placebos.

With the election behind the country and a potential vaccine around the corner, it appears America could be on its way to a lasting economic turnaround. If the stock markets are any indication, it may be happening already.

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