Maryland Mayor Arrested on 50 Counts of Facilitating Obscenity

Maryland Mayor Arrested on 50 Counts of Facilitating Obscenity

( – There’s an old sexist saying about scorned women that we won’t bother repeating here. There‚Äôs a rather disturbing case involving a young male mayor and his alleged acts of revenge on his former girlfriend.

On November 15, Maryland’s State Prosecutor Charlton Howard announced that his office charged Andrew Bradshaw, 32, with 50 violations of Maryland’s revenge porn statute. Court documents allege that Bradshaw, the current mayor of Cambridge, created multiple user accounts on social news aggregator and discussion website Reddit for the purpose of exacting revenge on his former girlfriend, identified only as VICTIM-1.

The prosecutor’s Criminal Information alleged that Bradshaw used those accounts to post nude photographs of VICTIM-1. He also reportedly captioned the images using “racial slurs and… explicit language.”

Howard’s office first learned of the allegations after the victim contacted law enforcement officials in May 2020 after discovering the images on Reddit. She confirmed she had not given consent for Bradshaw to share the photographs, a key element in his alleged crime.

Howard’s press release noted that “using someone’s private images without… consent” is a serious breach of an individual’s trust. The enormous reach of the internet makes Bradshaw’s crime all the more treacherous.

On November 16, the Cambridge Commissioners voted unanimously to ask the city attorney to draft a letter demanding Bradshaw’s resignation. He faces up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine for each of the 50 counts if convicted.

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