Mass Spying Operation Targeting Americans is Being Discussed

( – Domestic spying operations are nothing new. George W. Bush pushed for surveillance of Americans to protect the country from terrorist activities. Barack Obama took things to a new level, going as far as reportedly spying on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. A new report confirms many Americans’ worst fear — the National Security Agency (NSA) is about to get a huge boost to its domestic powers.

Government Executive reported that several Senate Armed Services Committee members voiced their support for expanding the NSA and US Cyber Command’s domestic powers on Thursday, March 25.

Gen. Paul Nakasone, the head of both agencies, told senators that his agencies could not keep up with threats from foreign actors due to current restrictions placed on domestic surveillance. According to him, the United States’ enemies know that all they have to do is move their operations inside the US border to avoid detection.

Fortunately, there is a bipartisan push back against expanding the domestic powers of spy agencies created to conduct surveillance operations only overseas. Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mike Rounds (R-SD) have both spoken out against the idea.

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