Massive Media Corporation Blacklists One America News Network

Massive Media Corporation Blacklists One America News Network

MAJOR Corporate Media BLACKLISTS Popular Far-Right Network

( – One America News (OAN) shot to popularity during former President Donald Trump’s administration when Conservatives grew tired of Fox News. After the election, the network faced criticism from the Left and lawsuits because of its coverage of alleged fraud. It has now been blacklisted by its main carrier.

At the end of July, Verizon will stop carrying OAN, which means about 3.5 million households across the country will lose access to the conservative network. The move follows a public pressure campaign launched by the Left in wake of the 2020 election. Previously, DirecTV bowed to the same pressure, eliminating a potential audience of 15 million cable viewers. Free Press and Media Matters for America, Leftist media watchdogs, relentlessly pursued Verizon about dropping the conservative network.

When the groups finally succeeded, Media Matters CEO Angelo Carusone bragged about it on Twitter, saying it was proof that “participation matters.”

Democratic members of Congress also pressured cable carriers to drop the network. It was a shocking move, considering the First Amendment prohibits the government from silencing speech.

Breitbart reported Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) slammed Verizon for its decision, saying it’s not the company’s job to police the information Americans access. “That’s up to the consumer themselves,” she said. An OAN host called out the media giant for its decision and appealed to people across the political spectrum to come together and stop the censorship.

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