Massive Spike in Police Officer Departures Reported

( – The nation’s police officers have had a rough time in the last 11 months. Black Lives Matter Activists and Antifa members staged nationwide protests, many of them targeting police officers and precincts. The rise of woke culture, coupled with baseless accusations, has taken its toll on many police departments, particularly in New York City.

More than 5,300 uniformed police officers left the New York Police Department (NYPD) in 2020. That figure represented a 75% increase in departures over the year before.

On April 27, former 22-year NYPD veteran Angel Maysonet sat down with Fox & Friends to discuss the recent exodus of police officers.

According to Maysonet, police are leaving after being “demonized and vilified.” NYPD superiors and so-called woke politicians are no longer backing up police officers. Instead, they treat them as if they were “racist occupiers” when nothing could be further from the truth.

Sadly, as former Las Vegas police officer Randy Sutton noted in a different Fox News interview, every major American city is experiencing massive spikes in the departure of uniformed officers. “A public safety crisis” is about to run over the nation “like a freight train…” This is just the beginning, he warned. Let’s hope he’s wrong.

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