Maxine Waters Is Enraged Democrats Want To Collaborate With Republicans

( – Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has made her position regarding President Donald Trump clear from the beginning of his administration. She’s gone out of her way to hurl insults his way, calling him a “bully,” “egotistical maniac,” and so on.

Less than a month after his inauguration, she called for his impeachment on her Twitter account, saying it was her “greatest desire” to lead the inquisition.

Most recently, she seemed unable or unwilling to separate the need for the COVID-19 relief package from her desire to derail the president’s efforts to ensure only legal votes get counted in the recent election.

During a December 15 interview with Joy Reid, she expressed outrage that people wanted Democrats to work with Republicans on the bill in light of the president’s legal actions regarding the election.

It’s high time Waters steps off her high horse and does the job she was elected to perform and quit stalling relief efforts. The president has a right to his day in court, and the American people have a right to a relief bill, yesterday.

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